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Can changes in RTI reporting enhance data accuracy?

HMRC aims to enhance data collection, posing challenges for some payroll providers. The government's response in April 2023 outlines changes, notably in real-time information (RTI) reporting, of interest to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).

HMRC proposes numerical reporting of hours worked, departing from the current banding system. Additionally, band "E – Other" would see exemptions for clarity. Employers, already obligated to record employee hours for NLW and NMW compliance, must adapt to these changes.

CIPP ran think tank sessions addressing in-house payroll professionals and those in bureau/accountancy practices. Attendees emphasized the necessity for clear guidance, a concern acknowledged by HMRC representatives willing to incorporate suggestions.

Bureau and accountancy attendees worry about obtaining client data for compliance, especially with the proposed mandatory numerical declarations. Data accuracy concerns may lead to compliance actions, impacting client relationships.

HMRC believes the requested data is readily available. The government asserts businesses should handle this administrative burden, aligning with existing practices. The question persists: is this too demanding for some payroll providers?

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