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Managing payroll is a critical but low value activity for most businesses. You need to ensure your people are paid on time every month but you don’t want the hassle that comes with it.

Lets face it activities like producing payslips, dealing with HMRC, filing your PAYE returns, dealing with statutory sick pay, pension contributions, starters, leavers – they are all a headache your business could do without.

Albatross Accounting manage payroll for a multitude of businesses – we have honed our process, trained our team and invested in technology to make the headache of managing payroll go away for you and your business.

Payroll is one of the portfolio of accounting services Albatross Accounting provide to businesses of all sizes. To back us up we have a highly skilled and experienced team – we can deal with any payroll question that is likely to arise quickly and efficiently. We regularly deal with HMRC on payroll and PAYE matters, so are well versed to help your business with any hurdles that may crop up.

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